Tech Abbreviations and Definitions

Throughout this website and many others, you will encounter many acronyms and abbreviations that do not give a clue about what they stand for or originate from. We also realize that seeing the acronyms and what they stand for may be tiring for returning readers, though helpful for new readers. This page is intended for the newcomers and revisiting visitors who may have forgotten what an abbreviation or acronym stands for. Additionally, there are a few companies that are quite prominent. (The list is shorter now but will be added to in the future.)

ARM – Advanced RISC(Reduced Instruction Set Computer) Machine- A micro-architecture commonly used in tablets for its power efficiency

AMD – Advanced Micro Devices – Second CPU company in desktop/notebook market

APU – Advanced Processing Unit

CPU – Central Processing Unit

Intel – Leading CPU company in the desktop/notebook market

GPU – Graphics Processing Unit

Gb/s – Gigabits per second. (Please note, BITS not bytes) A measurement of data transfer speed. See Megabyte

MB/s – Megabytes per second. A measurement of data transfer speed. 1Gb/s=128MB/s

Mobo – Motherboard

MSI – Micro-Star International

PSU – Power Supply Unit

RISC – Reduced Instruction Set Computer

Specs – Specifications, normally used in sense of a computer’s hardware.

WWDC – World Wide Developers Conference an annual Apple conference where they generally release new products and software.

x86 – This is describes the design and instructions a CPU has and does, respectively. It one of the earlier micro-architecture designs, used in the Intel 8086, 386,486 and most of the Desktop and Notebook platforms.

Don’t see a tech-abbreviation/acronym here? If you would kindly leave a comment below, we will gladly add it to this list, and give you credit!


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