Here you will find info on Apple’s refresh cycles, so you can know if you should buy an iPad, iPhone, iPod, or Mac, or if a new one is going to be released soon.


Latest Release: September 20, 2013

Buy NOW! Brand New. (Supplies Limited)

iPad (and iPad Mini):

Latest Release: November 01, 2013

Buy Now! Just updated! (Supplies Limited)


iPod Touch:

Latest Release: October 26, 2012

Buy Only If Needed.

iPod Nano:

Latest Release: October 26, 2011

Buy only if needed.

iPod Shuffle:

Latest Release: October 26, 2012

Buy only if needed.

iPod Classic:

Latest Release: September 9, 2009

DO NOT BUY!: Longest since refresh of all Apple products. Very high chance product line will be killed.


MacBook Air:

Latest Release: June 10, 2013

Buy Now! Just refreshed

MacBook Pro:

Latest Release: October 22, 2013

Buy Now! NOTE: Pricing on retina models has changed since last generation, make sure to check


Latest Release: November 30, 2013

Buy now brand new!

Mac Mini:

Latest Release: October 23, 2012

Do not buy! Update soon

Mac Pro:

Latest Release: July 27, 2010

DO NOT BUY!: Very, very outdated. Next update SET for December 2013